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Hold, the king of deserts, one of the last white spots to be filled in on the maps. Desert aesthetics in all its paradigms. The most successful marriage of mineral elements: calderas filled (by the patience of the wind) with immense sand buildings, ash-blue marble mountains, sandstone cathedrals, 360-degree horizon, Tafassasset so flat that even the human eye notices that the earth is round. Endless series of dune cordons follow one another seamlessly, a row of black dots on the horizon, men and camels, has been crossing the desert of deserts for hundreds of years to continue living according to its custom. Here there is a place where you are suddenly in danger of being nose-to-nose with a dinosaur, lying in the desert for tens of millions of years.
Niger is where our Saharan roots lie, a place of our heart, where year after year our history has been built: as Prof. Th. Monod, every Saharan has his “diocese,” and this is ours.


    Tour leader Spazi d’Avventura


    From Departure Return
    Europe November 30, 2023 December 15, 2023 € 5230 per pax
    (excluding international flight)

    PRACTICE MANAGEMENT and basic medical baggage insurance: 80 euro
    SGL Hotel (3 nights) and Tent SUPPLEMENT: 210 euro
    Niger Consular Visa: 150 euro
    International flight A/R
    Consular Visa Niger: 150 euro

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Back to the roots

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