Gobi Desert caravan

Accompanied by a family of camel breeders, we will learn about their uses and customs and the breeding techniques of these impressive animals that with horses, sheep, goats and yaks constitute the five species for which the Mongols define themselves as “the people of the five animals “.

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    Period 13 days
    Minimum number of participants: *


    The imposing granite castle of Ikh Gazariin Chulu in Mongolia will show us the direction to reach the Gobi

    Camel breeders, after spending the long winter in search of the best pasture, will start with the fun mounts of these funny animals. Riding between the two humps of the bactrian camels, is very confortable thanks to the mongol saddle with real stirrups. The constant assistance of the staff, will therefore allow you to live in full serenity the 3 days of caravan between the wild mountains, the green valleys and the high dunes. On the western side of the Middle Gobi we will stop at Ongy: the ruins of the monasteries and Buddhist temples are impressive here. Then, heading north, we will enter the Khangai mountain region, the elective land of the Kalkh, horse breeders. Karakorum, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Genghis Khan and the monastery of Erdenii Zuu with its imposing city walls of 108 stupas, are the last stages of our circumnavigation.

    4×4 vehicles
    3 days riding camels
    Overnights: 7 days in gers, 4 in tents and 2 in hotel

    Spazi d’Avventura guide


    departures from Ulan Bator (ULN) on request

    Single room supplement (Ulan Bator) + tent: € 130
    Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage: € 80
    Optional insurance “Globy Giallo” for possible cancellation
    International flight. Indicative price from € 1.000 to € 1.200.
    Visa: € 100

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Carovana nel Gobi

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