Rallies and the Wodaabe feasts

The Wodaabe are nomadic pastoralists whose origin dates back to prehistory. They gather every year after the rainy season, in certain areas of the Sahel in Chad, to celebrate great feasts. This is a privileged region of salty pastures, where the Wodaabe take their herds to give their animals a mineralizing diet and rid them of parasites via the “cure salée” and have important tribal meetings. In fact, the feast is one of the few occasions these nomads have to get together.

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    Duration: 9 days
    Minimum number of participants: 8


    We’ll be camping with them and participating in spontaneous and original feasts during which the nomads, both men and women, dance and give free rein to their extravagant creativity, their lush costumes and their unbridled cult for beauty which has always been a cornerstone in the Wodaabe life.

    While the animals undergo the salt treatment, the men take the opportunity to show off their beauty during the celebration of the feast; it is a crucial moment where news is exchanged, new friendships are made and relationships flourish. The Wodaabe are a polygamous people, but only the first marriage is combined by the families according to the traditional rules, instead during the “Gerewoll”, spontaneous bonds can develop into permanent relationships. Thus the 2nd, 3rd or 4th marriage, by choice, blossom during this very interesting feast.
    The organization of the feast is complex and exciting; at the head of which we find the elderly who, despite having lost their dancing agility and singing skills, feel this event profoundly and jauntily urge on the young people. The role of the women is just as important: they are the ones who will choose their companion for a night or for the rest of their lives, or will break existing bonds.

    4×4 vehicles
    1 night in hotel, 6 in tents, day-use rooms during last days

    Tour leader Spazi d’Avventura


    From Departure
    Return Price
    Europe 12 October 2024 20 October 2024 from € 2.690

    Single room and single tent supplement: € 90
    Single tent supplement:€ 30
    Paperwork administration : € 60
    Medical insurance and baggage
    International flights
    Visa: 180 €


Rallies and the Wodaabe feasts

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