Emi Koussi, the roof of the Saharan

Tibesti is a myth for all Saharan travellers and the immense Emi-Koussi volcano, the highest peak in the Sahara, is by far the most popular destination in this vast mountainous region. It is difficult to find a trip that can compete with this trek: villages between dunes and colourful cliffs like Gouro or between sandstone spires like Kouroudi or Orori, river beds with green patches of trees, nomadic mountain encampments almost everywhere, compact volcanic formations merging with the oldest sandstones sculpted by time.

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    Duration: 21 days Europe-Europe,
    Minimum number of participants: 8

    Seven days of trekking, starting from the Medounga ennerí, up to the summit of the volcano consisting of the vast Erra Kohor caldera and the descent through the Yi Yerra gorges, where as a final surprise there are some unexpected and rejuvenating hot springs

    Together with the taxillary environment of the Borkou, with natural shelters concealing rock depictions from the Middle Holocene when a lake reached the spurs of the Tibesti, these are the highlights of one of the most spectacular treks one can make in the Sahara.

    The ascent of the Emi Koussi, supported by a caravan of camels and tubu camel drivers, is unforgettable, with its canyons of beautiful guelte, its small oases, remote villages, ignimbrite reliefs and exceptional views of the entire Tibesti. The crossing of the caldera, the exploration of the Erra Kohor, the small trou au natron, the ascent of the summit ridge and, finally, the descent through the Yi Yerra gorges, where as a last surprise one finds some unexpected and regenerating hot springs, are the highlights of one of the most beautiful randonnées one can do in the Sahara.


    The ascent to the Emi Koussi is a truly extraordinary journey, far from all the beaten tourist routes. The Tibesti mountains form one of the most extreme landscapes in the Sahara and require good health due to both the demanding physical effort and the climatic conditions. At altitude, nights often drop to sub-zero temperatures. It is advisable to bring a good sleeping bag (comfort down to -10°), warm clothing for the evening (fleece jacket or down jacket) and sturdy mountain shoes. Tolerance, camaraderie and a sense of adventure are absolutely necessary for this trip.

    Off-road vehicles
    Trekking with dromedaries
    1 night in hotel, others in 18 tents

    Tour leader Spazi d’Avventura


    From Departure Return Price
    Europe November 24, 2024 December 14, 2024 € 5.500

    Single room and tent supplement: € 155
    Single tent supplement: € 95
    Practice management + Medical and baggage insurance: € 80
    Optional insurance “Globy Giallo” for cancellation
    International flight A/R
    Visa: € 180
    Practice management , travel insurance € 80
    Dinner in N’Djamena


Emi Koussi, the roof of the Sahara

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