ENNEDI, the Saharan garden

Journey-expedition to discover the Ennedi Nature Reserve, a system of ancient sandstone mountains (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2016) with bizarre and imposing rock formations: castles, cathedrals, pinnacles and the classic ‘tassili’ stretching for hundreds of kilometres in a maze of canyons, gorges and narrow passages, in which are hidden nomadic encampments, ancient Iron Age villages and vital water reserves, the guelte

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    Duration: 16 days Europe-Europe, 14 days of land services
    Minimum number of participants: 8


    ENNEDI, the Saharan garden

    In the Archei Guelta, a few specimens of Saharan crocodiles (Crocodylus suchus) survive. Everywhere, natural arches and rock shelters, inside of which are preserved rock paintings and graffiti that tell us about the prehistory of Neolithic man: Terkei, Mandaguili, Niola Doa, are just some of the best known rock sites in Ennedi, ranging from the Archaic period to the pastoral Neolithic, to elegant depictions of ‘flying’ horses. The capital of the region is Fada, a quiet town in the mountains. Further north, beyond the barcane dunes of Mourdi, you arrive in the spectacular region of the Ounianga lakes (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012): Ounianga Kebir, Ounianga Serir, Bokou, Katam, the best known lakes. This is also the ancient and still popular salt route, a route that links the salt flats of Demi, Teguedei and Motro, to the markets of southern Chad and Libya. A fossil forest to Chad’s ‘Monument Valley’, Bichagara, close the circumnavigation of the massif. As an added bonus, one leg of our expedition is dedicated to the OROA Nature Reserve, in the Sahel south of Ennedi, where we will admire a jewel of Chadian Wildlife, represented by Oryx, Addax, Ostriches, Dorcas Gazelles and Dama, in full freedom. The colourful markets of Abeché and Guerà complete the trip.

    4×4 vehicles
    1 night in hotel, 13 in tent

    Tour leader Spazi d’Avventura


    From Departure Return
    Europe October 20, 2024 November 4, 2024 € 3.850
    Europe November 24, 2024 December 9, 2024 € 3.850
    Europe December 22, 2024 January 6, 2025 € 3.850
    Europe February 2, 2025 February 17, 2025 € 3.850
    Europe February 23, 2025 March 10, 2025 € 3.850

    Room supplement and single tent: € 125
    Single tent supplement: € 65
    Paperwork administration: € 60
    Medical insurance and baggage
    International flights
    Visa: € 180
    irst and last dinner in N’Djamena



ENNEDI, the Sahara garden

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