Immersion in the Adrar

Mauritania, a land of sand and sea, is home to the striking Banc d’Arguin Park. Through Imraguen fishermen, explore islets inhabited by birds. The interior reveals Saharan landscapes such as the Ben Amera monolith and the Chinguetti oasis with ancient manuscripts. Ancient trans-Saharan trade routes have made cities like Cinguetti and Ouadane viable, despite being nearly submerged in sand.

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    Period: 10 days
    Minimum of partecipants: 6
    Feasible for groups smaller than 6 participants with excellent French-speaking local guide
    NOTE : 3 passengers per car


    A kingdom of sand and dunes that reach into the sea, uniting the liquid and mineral oceans, Mauritania is a country of vast horizons, a crossroads of different cultures and civilizations, a land of passage between the Maghreb and black Africa. The only Saharan country that faces the ocean with dunes ending in the sea and where the striking Banc d’Arguin Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is located. We will sail with the Imraguenfishermen , among sandy islets inhabited by endless colonies of birds. The interior of the country offers all the scenic Saharan environments including the incredible and giant monolith Ben Amera, the rugged landscapes of theAdrar Mountains with spectacular valleys and canyons, and the isolated and mythical Chinguetti, perhaps the last true Saharan oasis with its characteristic clay dwellings, half-submerged by the pinkish dunes of the advancing desert and home to the ancient manuscripts of Islamic libraries. Crisscrossed by trans-Saharan trade routes during the great epic of the caravan routes, Mauritania is in fact home to some of the most important Saharan oases, mythical villages that have experienced centuries of economic prosperity and have been important cultural and religious propulsion points. Nowadays decaying and almost buried by the sand, Cinguetti, Ouadane, remain magical names, evocative of a glorious Saharan past, they retain their splendor: the contrast between their smallness and the boundless decorum that surrounds them.

    4×4 Toyota + sailboat
    2 nights in hotels**** in Nouakchott, Saharan bivouacs and 2 nights in comfortable “Gites”

    Accompanying person from Italy


    From Departure Return Price
    Europe 08 November 2024 17 November 2024 2,650 (international flight not included)
    Europe 06 December 2024 15 December 2024 2,650 (international flight not included)
    Europe 28 December 2024 6 January 2025 2,650 (international flight not included)
    Europe 14 February 2025 23 February 2025 2,650 (international flight not included)
    Europe 07 March 2025 16 March 2025 2,650 (international flight not included)
    Europe 18 April 2025 27 April 2025 2,650 (international flight not included)

    To this fee should be added:
    – International flight
    – Visa (at the airport of arrival for 80 euros)
    – Practice management and standard medical baggage insurance = 80 euros
    – The flight to Nouakchott, with Royal Air Maroc, costing around 650 euros round trip. Unbundled from the package
    – Any cancellation insurance (quote to be calculated and policy to be turned on at registration)
    – The Last Supper in Nouakchot

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Immersion in the Adrar

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