Tibesti, a separate reality

We were the first, back in 1992, to offer tourism in the fantastic world of Tibesti: its impressive towering volcanic peaks were the scene of a trip as pioneers in this region’s wilderness. Today it’s still a must in our scheduling.

A journey for true desert enthusiasts in an impressive and fascinating context where beauty and peculiarity give way to an intense and deep emotion

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    Duration: 23 days Europe-Europe, 21 days of land services
    Minimum number of participants: 8


    A separate and unique reality in which basaltic peaks, sandstone, volcanic calderas, imposing mountains and meeting the Tubu Teda, who are the custodians of ancient traditions, are just some of the ingredients that constitute a “classic” for travelers in the Sahara.

    From N’Djamena we move onto the trail that runs along the Sahelian depression in Bahr el Ghazal and after going through the difficult Erg du Djourab passage we arrive at the Saharan oasis Faya Largeau, capital of the region of Borkou. We cross Borkou, winding between dunes, multicolored deposits of fossilized algae and orderly palm groves around which we find the small Tubu villages. We then move north and get back on the highlands of Emi Koussi, the highest mountain in the Sahara, crossing a beautiful “tassilian” type region. The natural Enneri Miski course will then take us up to the mountain village of Yebbi Bou, inhabited by the Teda nomads in their characteristic huts.
    In a purely rocky landscape, we will bypass the enormous “Trou au Natron” volcanic complexes by following the beautiful Zumri canyon until we reach Bardai, the regional capital located in a mountainous setting of indescribable beauty. We will then proceed slowly to the south-west, climbing the Enneri that cut the huge lava flows of the Pic Tousside.

    Once we get over the 2,400 meter mountain, the huge “Trou au Natron” caldera will appear with its 6 kilometer diameter and its 700 meters depth, the bottom of which is covered by a sodium carbonate white crust. From the mountain, we travel back down to the plains below and reach the village of Zouar, where the Derdé, traditional and spiritual leader of the Tubu and Tibesti families, resides. We then begin a spectacular 700 kilometer journey, completely off-road, in absolute bareness, among dune ridges and endless plains, past the mysterious Falaise d’Angamma and head towards the first Sahelian wells, which are geographically located in the region of Kanem. It is here that we begin seeing the crops and villages of the sedentary Sahelian people, who will accompany us until we return to N’Djamena.

    4×4 vehicles
    1 night in hotel, 20 in tent

    Tour leader Spazi d’Avventura


    From Departure Return to N’Djamena Price
    Europe February 11, 2024 March 04, 2024 € 4.950

    Room supplement and single tent: € 160
    Single tent supplement: € 100
    Paperwork administration : € 80
    Medical insurance and baggage
    International flights
    Visa: € 180
    First and last dinner in N’Djamena

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Tibesti, Realtà separata

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