Ennedi Massif, the Archeï Circus circuit

This circuit has been created specially for Saharan walking enthusiasts, supported by motor vehicles and special technical assistance. Using 4x4s, we will leave the capital, N’djamena along the Bahr el Ghazal, the ancient “River of gazelles”, and then turn east to reach the great Oued Achim. This is the border zone between the Sahel and the desert, the meeting place for groups of nomads of different ethnic origins.

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    Period: 16 days
    Minimum number of participants: 8


    This is really one of the loveliest Saharan circuits: 7 days at the natural pace of the Cosmic clock with the discreet assistance of vehicles only seen in the evenings on reaching the ready-prepared camp.

    Shortly after leaving the village of Kalait, we will arrive at the southern bluffs of the sandstone Ennedi Massif and the gigantic green valley of Archei, surrounded by an extraordinary succession of tassili-style formations. The magnificence of these landscapes, comprising exceptional and complex sandstone “labyrinths”, different coloured dunes running down the slopes to the enormous oueds (river beds) under the shadow of centuries-old trees, an abundance of water that makes life less harsh for the local nomads, are the setting for one of the most exciting Saharan tours on foot. We will explore the majestic monoliths of Deli with its secret springs, and, at the far south of the massif, standing like a fortified outpost, the complex labyrinths of Terkei, the enormous pinnacles of the Toukou Massif and natural arches of all shapes and sizes. A visit to the Guelta d’Archei will reward us with unforgettable scenes of nomadic life, and the possibility of observing, from on high, the last remaining crocodiles of the Sahara, real living fossils. There are innumerable, highly interesting examples of rock art, especially paintings, which we can enjoy on our walks. We will take the same route back by car to N’djamena.

    7 days on foot and 7 by car
    1 night and 1 day use in hotel, 13 nights camping

    Tour leader Spazi d’Avventura


    From Departure Return Price
    Europa 24 November 2024 09 December 2024 € 3.030
    Europa 22 December 2024 07 January 2025 € 3.030
    Europa 02 February 2025 17 February 2025 € 3.030

    Single room + single tent supplement: € 125
    Single tent supplement: € 65
    Paperwork administration: € 60
    Travel and Medical insurance
    International flights
    Visa: € 140

Il circo di Archeï

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Il circo di Archeï

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