Spazi d'avventura

who we are

Travelling means accepting exchanges and differences. It means to be aware that anyone is a guest in a foreign country and that our passage leaves significant traces. It means also to be aware that accepting us can be demanding for those who welcome us and that we should not think that we always have something to teach the others. We should all remember that in order to set a useful comparison each side must have a specific role: only in this way both us and the others will make the best out of the encounter of two different worlds.

Spazi d'avventura

Our history

Piero Ravà is a mountain guide with a degree in Medicine and a specialization in tropical diseases who was working as a doctor in Kenya in the early Seventies. From there he started a fascinating six month journey back to Italy with his wife Marina, a biologist, on their Makabesh, our organisation’s first Land-Rover. This was the driving force for a lifelong journey which motivated them to believe in an apparently crazy dream. SPAZI D’AVVENTURA began in 1977 with two new Land-Rovers. At that time Piero sold some old chandeliers and a precious fur coat of his grandmother to collect the money to organize the first expeditions to Africa. Until 1983 Pietro and Marina have undertaken a nomadic life, moving from Algeria to Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Cameroon, to welcome and accompany tourists. Later on a crucial (and unique) choice lead to one of our most distinctive features: establishing basis in the wildest part of the Greatest Desert, first in Niger and then in Tchad in 1992. The Sahara is our cradle, the land where we moved our first steps. The most beautiful and perfect desert has taught us a lot and it is where we have put down deep roots like those of the acacias. Steaming from the passion for the Sahara, comes the desire to explore other deserts and lands with the innovative approach developed into one of the spaces where wild nature still reigns.

Spazi d'avventura

Our philosophy

This journey began over forty years ago. Nowadays it still preserves its dreams, improvisation, creativity and the necessary environmental adaptation. People who devoted their lives to travel carefully shape our itineraries. We are always at your service and we continue to assert our identity, our individuality and to protect our independence. We are constantly looking for new ways to explore. We want to show you lands in perpetual change and the people who occupy them. We achieve this with long travels, tough travels, unpublished travels, smooth travels, travels that take time. In all of them each individual plays an active role. We live in such a prepackaged world that there is a little space left for individual discover. Therefore we believe that the successful journey is the one in which emotions exceed expectations. This is the purpose of our travels and the task our guides who understand desires and needs of the travelers and do it with passion. The way we travel is connected to a system that has developed in the Sahara desert and that we then exported to other lands. It is perhaps our most distinctive feature and combines strong skills for logistics organization and the presence of a guide/tour leader of great experience supported by a local team.

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