Altai and central steppes

After a flight over either Olgii, we find ourselves in the massive Altai Nuruu, the highest mountain range of Mongolia; here the Mongolian language blands with Kazakh, Buddhism with shamanism and Islam, customs and traditions vary from one village to another, such as music and traditions.

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    Period: 14 days
    Minimum number of participants: *


    A journey that offers us the most complete “overview” of the landscapes and ethnic groups of the land of Genghis Khan in a mosaic of “highlights” ranging from western Mongolia to the central one

    From the plain of Lake Tolbo we climb to the slopes of the Tsast Uul mountains (4200 m) and then we find the area of the Har lakes. The changing of landscape heading east is continuous and spectacular,switching from the highest dunes of Mongolia, through the Mongols Els, up to the Khangay Mountains. Surrounded by craters of extinct volcanoes, Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan suddenly appears in all its greatness. On foot, we reach the edges of the Khorgo Volcano with its powerful lava flows, walking on its basalts. Passing through Taikhar and Tsetserleg, we reach the Orkhon valley and the Tovkhon monastery, the eagle nest of Zanabazar. And then again in Kharakorum the Erdene Zuu monastery with a hundred and eight stupas, and the Khogno Khan granite tiles before reaching Ulaan Bataar.

    4×4 vehicles
    2 overnights in hotel, 5 in “ger” e 7 in tents

    Spazi d’Avventura guide


    departures from Ulan Bator (ULN) on request

    Single room supplement: € 130
    Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage: € 80
    Optional insurance “Globy Giallo” for possible cancellation
    International flight. Indicative cost: from € 1.000 up to € 1.200
    Visa: € 100


Altai and central steppes

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