In a crystalline world

Thanks to alternating small boats with excursions on foot, this is a special tour which provides us with an exciting way of getting to know this distant land, its fauna of seals and marine mammals, the people who live there, sharing with them some aspects of their daily lives.

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    Period: 12days
    Minimum number of participants: *


    From Kulusuk Island airport where we arrive in Greenland, we will take the boat to Tasiilaq (1,600 ca. inhabitants) the capital of the east coast. We will travel along the coast among thousands of icebergs and ice floes, where whales are often seen

    After a day spent discovering the village and the surrounding hills, as our first contact with the Arctic world, we will spend a wonderful day on foot, along the Valley of Lakes to the great Sermiliq Fjordwhich, together with the Ammassalik and Sermiligaak fjords, comprises the territory where the Ammassalimiuts live. They are an eastern Inuit ethnic group and still live by hunting. In the Johan Petersen Fjordwhere three immense glaciers reach the sea, we will set up a base camp and spend the day exploring this region.

    Our navigation continues following the fjords of the Ikasagtivaq Channel and of Iqateq, where there was an American base during the Second World War. Winding between icebergs of various shapes and colours through the Sermiligaaq Fjord we will reach the breathtaking scenery of the Knud Rasmussen Glacier. This unique treasure, an immense glacier whose front is more than three km wide, reveals the extraordinary peaks, blocks and pinnacles of its head as it slides into the sea. We will continue on foot in this crystalline world, with our day marked by the booming of the ice as it breaks away and turns into icebergs. The last day will be spent on the boat to reach the end of our tour at Kulusuk Island Airport.

    Daily hiking and transfers by boat
    Two nights in hotels (Reykijavik + Kulusuk) and two nights in guest houses (Tasiillaq)
    Artic continental climate

    Inuit staff with an Italian guide


    Departure on Milan on request

    Single room supplement: € 240
    Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage: € 80
    Optional insurance “Globy Giallo” for possible cancellation
    International and domestic flights (€ 600€ + € 800)


In a crystalline world

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