The Great Rasmussen Crossing

This is a special and challenging tour that requires considerable adaptive capacity. It will open up for us the white Arctic universe in its best season: the Northern Lights and a land where every usual boundary, between the sea and the land, between day and night, between the ice and the sky, no longer exists.

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    Period 13 days
    Minimum number of participants: *


    Arriving by plane at Kulusuk, a town of about 300 inhabitants who live mostly on hunting, we will take the boat to Tasiilaq, travelling along the coast among thousands of icebergs and ice floes, where whales are often seen.

    Our navigation continues following the fjords of the Ikasagtivaq Channel and of Iqateq, where there was an American base during the Second World War. Winding between icebergs of various shapes and colours through the Sermiligaaq Fjord we will reach the breathtaking scenery of the Knud Rasmussen Glacier. This unique treasure, an immense glacier whose front is more than three km wide, reveals the extraordinary peaks, blocks and pinnacles of its head as it slides into the sea. We will continue on foot in this crystalline world, and begin our spectacular and unusual crossing: six days in complete autonomy in a wild and pure environment, a real Arctic desert. We will follow the Rasmussen Glacier to its peak at 965 m. From there we will descend along the narrower 16 September Glacier, in a world of magnificent mountain ranges, which will bring us to the immense Sermiliq Fjord: an extraordinary sight where three enormous glaciers formed directly from the ice cap, plunge into the sea in a never-ending chaos of ice and icebergs. Navigation in this maze, which is sometimes completely covered by ice, is very difficult, but it will be a unique experience where we can admire the exceptional mastery of the Inuit hunters. Continuing by boat we will pass the village of Tiniteqilaaq, a small settlement of about one hundred inhabitants who live off hunting on the edges of our world, and still a typical example of a Polar hunting society with polar bear skins drying and fish and meat laid on frames outside the houses. Our journey ends at Kusuluk Island.

    Two or three days navigation depending on the state of the glaciers
    About 120 km on foot
    Daily tours of 6-8 hours
    Luggage and equipment carried by participants pulling pulkas
    Two nights in hotels and the rest in tents
    Cold lunch and hot meals in the evening based on dried and freeze-dried products prepared by the staff with the assistance of the participants
    Italian guide
    Average daily temperatures between +5° and +15°
    Night temperatures between –3° and +3°

    Departure on Milan on request

    Single room supplement: € 240
    Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage: € 80
    Optional insurance “Globy Giallo” for possible cancellation
    International and domestic flights


The Great Rasmussen Crossing

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