Algeria historically represents our first ever tourist destination, our “starting block” for a 46-year adventure. In 1977 Adventure Spaces, in fact, proposed the first expedition trips, off-road, trekking and purely mountaineering, to that narrow niche of Italian travelers, eager to get to know “the Great Desert.” It is therefore a “historic” destination for us that, after years of stop, we more than willingly resume by offering travel solutions where it is possible to travel in total freedom.

Our trips to the Algerian desert take place on foot and by off-road vehicle, allowing travelers to enjoy a unique experience, a true Saharan adventure in the company of the Tuaregs, nomads of the desert, on a journey rich in color, imagination and silence, surrounded by beautiful nature.

A trip to Algeria is an excellent opportunity, not too long and easily accessible, for a Saharan “first” or cultural deepening for those who have already had other Saharan experiences.

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