ENNEDI, the Sahara garden

A journey-expedition to discover the uttermost wilderness of the Sahara: the Ennedi region, which includes all of the northeastern part of the Sahara in Chad. A peculiar characteristic of this system of mountains (UNESCO 2016) is its bizarre and impressive Tassillian formations, which, for hundreds of kilometers create a maze of canyons, gorges and narrow passages, where fresh and clear gueltas are hidden.

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    Duration: 16 days Europe-Europe, 14 days of land services
    Minimum number of participants: 8


    We will reach the Archeï gorges

    a lush wadi that winds through bizarrely shaped sandstone towers and leads to a narrow gorge that encases the splendid guelta, a crucial water point, where some specimens of Nilotic crocodiles can be found. This is in one of the most fascinating locations in the entire Sahara; a place that is rich in flora and fauna and intensely frequented by nomads. Here we can admire important and original examples of rock archeology which form a particular “exceptional style” in the mosaic complex of the entire prehistoric Sahara. The regional capital is Fada, a characteristic desert oasis. And further on up north are the Lakes of Ounianga (UNESCO 2012) that crop up unexpectedly, as if by magic, among the dunes. Palm groves, multicolored sandstone cliffs, yellow and orange dunes overlooking the water and the Ounias camps, create the scenery of one of the most spectacular and unexpected places in the Sahara.

    4×4 vehicles
    1 night in hotel, 13 in tent

    Tour leader Spazi d’Avventura


    From Departure Return
    Europe October 16, 2023 October 31, 2023 € 3.650
    Europe November 12, 2023 November 27, 2023 € 3.650
    Europe December 22, 2023 January 6, 2024 € 3.650
    Europe February 4, 2024 Februar 19, 2024 € 3.650
    Europe February 25, 2024 March 11, 2024 € 3.650

    Room supplement and single tent: € 125
    Single tent supplement: € 65
    Paperwork administration: € 60
    Medical insurance and baggage
    International flights
    Visa: € 180
    irst and last dinner in N’Djamena



ENNEDI, the Sahara garden

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