Pamir Highway and Wakhan Corridor

In one of the most remote corners of Afghanistan, the rugged Wakhan Corridor is something completely unexpected: with the Hindu Kush mountains protecting it from violence, it is suspended in an idyllic time. Most of the territory is located at high altitude (above 4,250 m), and consists of two long valleys carved by glaciers, hidden in the deepest recesses of the great mountains of Central Asia. The territory of the two valleys forms an elongated offshoot that rises from the extreme North-East of Afghanistan: the Wakhan Corridor, the result of the so-called Great Game, an underground conflict between the British and Russian empires for the control of Central Asia that lasted for almost the entire nineteenth century. Through a series of treaties signed between 1873 and 1895, the two powers created a "buffer zone" to avoid direct contact between Czarist Russia and British India. The area was part of the ancient Silk Road and was traveled by armies, explorers and missionaries. A signature journey-expedition, which along the legendary "Pamir Highway" through the mountains of Central Asia "will immerse us in two fascinating countries (Tajikistan and Afghanistan) until we reach the Afghan Wakhan. Remote and wild, this extreme north-eastern corner of the country, surrounded on three sides by Tajikistan, Pakistan and China, finds itself isolated due to its geographic shape and is called by the Afghan kirghisi nomads that inhabit it, "Bam and Dunya", the roof of the world. We will explore this landscape, mostly devoid of roads, as the first travelers of the Silk Road used to do: with mules, urged to climb the passes by the local exhortation "Zabardast!", Which can be translated as "wonderful", "fantastic" or "powerful ”, Perfect adjectives to describe Wakhan himself. Extraordinary in terms of context and population, the Wakhan valley offers an endless succession of breathtaking views.

  • Duration: 20 days
  • Minimum number of participants: 6


  • 20 days trip with trekking and Toyota Land Cruiser transfers
  • overnights: hotel, guesthouse, tent and local families
  • Spazi d'Avventura guide


From Departure Return Price
    € 3.860
PRICE includes:
  • Permit for Afghan Wakhan 
  • Afghan Visa: 210 USD
PRICE does not include:
  • International flight. Indicative cost: € 1.000. Suggested flights from Europe: .... - .... August.
  • Tajik Visa: 70 USD
  • Single room (where available)and tent supplement: € 220
  • Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage: € 80
  • Optional insurance "Globy Giallo" for possible cancellation
  • Last lunch and last dinner in Dushanbe

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