MONGOLIA - Dog Sledding on the Blue Pearl

A very peculiar travel, dedicated to true outdoor lovers and to those who love...dogs as well! Because exactly a Halaskan and Groenlandian Huskies sledge will be your mean of transportation while exploring the Lake Khuvsgul, also known as the Blue Pearl, the biggest lake in Mongolia which also give hits name to this part of the country, on the very North and just on the border with Russia.

84 miles long, 22 miles wide, bordered with Sajany and Saridag mountains, and part of a National Nature Reserve where Darkhas, Bouriats and Tsaatan people still stick to the tradiotional ways of living, for a whole week the Lake will be your adventure field.
It's here that with the counseling of an extra experienced guide like Joel, musher with 20 years of professional activity, you'll learn how to ride and take care of your sledge. Because - keep in mind -each of you will have it's own sledge to ride and take care of!
An adventure travel which requires a medium-to-high fitness condition and commitment but that will provide, in exchange of your efforts, a full on reward, both for the incredible landscapes and people you'll be witnessing, and for the satisfaction that you'll get from the sledge-riding itself. An expedition where the musher is a key factor and for this reason SPAZI D'AVVENTURA selected one of the most experienced professional on the field, with plus 20 years of professional riding activity, seven of which spent on the Lake. This is the way we choose to make of your travel a truly unforgettable one and 100% safe!

  • Duration: 16 days
  • Places availables: 

Practical aspects

  • 9 of sledge riding
  • Sleeping: hotel and yurta
  • Spazi D'Avventura selected local partner guide


From Departure Return Price

every year from November to April


Not included:

  • Visa: € 60
  • Single room supplement (when in town): 4 nights € 130
  • Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage: € 80
  • Optional insurance "Globy Giallo" for possible cancellation

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