MONGOLIA - Gobi Desert caravan

As well as the imperial site of Karakhorum, the capital Ulaanbaatar, its museums and the Gandan monastery, this tour covers the Middle Gobi Desert, the South Gobi, Ovorkhangai and Arkhangai. From the capital we move south towards the imposing granite walls of Mt Kharyrkhan which indicate the direction we must take to reach one of the wildest and most interesting regions of this immense country: the Gobi Desert.

Accompanied by a family of camel breeders you will learn their customs and traditions and the methods of raising these big animals which, together with the horses, sheep, goats and yaks comprise the five species that give the Mongols their name of “the five animals’ people”. After having spent the long winter searching for the best pastures, and constantly on the look out for the terrible wolves, the camel breeders will teach you how to ride these funny animals.
It’s a really comfortable ride sitting between the two humps of the Asian camel thanks to the Mongolian saddle and its stirrups. The constant assistance from the staff will allow you to pass five carefree days with the caravan among the remote mountains, the brilliant green valleys and the high dunes. The contrast between the sands and the lush green plain is unique and typical of this desert.

On the western side of the Middle Gobi Desert we will stop at Ongi where there are the remains of monasteries and Buddhists temples dating back to the seventeenth century. Moving on northwards we will reach the Khangai mountains inhabited by the Kalkh Mongols who are horse breeders. Passing through the immense green valleys dotted with white gers (Mongolian tents) we will arrive at Karakorum, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Genghis Khan where roughly four hundred metre long walls displaying 108 stupas (Buddhist monuments) enclose the Erdenezuu monastery and its three temples dedicated to the infancy, adolescence and maturity of Buddha.

  • Duration: 15 days
  • Minimum number of participants: 2

  • MONGOLIA Carovana nel Gobi

    MONGOLIA Carovana nel Gobi

Practical information

  • 4x4 vehicles
  • 3 days riding camels
  • hospitality: 5 days in gers, 7 in tents and 2 in hotel
  • the staff includes an Italian guide, drivers, Mongolian camel breeders and cook
  • hot, dry climate


From Departure Return Price
(inclusive of airport taxes)
Milan on request on request from € 3.590  
  • Visa: € 100
  • Single room supplement: € 130
  • Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage: € 80
  • Optional insurance "Globy Giallo" for possible cancellation
The price is inclusive of airport taxes which come to € 300

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