MONGOLIA - The Orkhon valley on horseback

The vast green valleys that spread out between the mountains and larch forests are the coloured settings for the lakes and rivers in the valley of the Orkhon, the fiefdom of one of the greatest conquerors of all times, Genghis Khan.

The remains of imperial Karakorum, the monastery of Erdenezuu and the eagle’s nest hermitage of Zanabazar, the brilliant sculptor and first Mongolian Bogdo Gegen, attract numbers of pilgrims from all over the country who also come to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and unspoilt pastoral culture of the nomads.
White ger tents dotted across the green valleys are the keystone for the herds of horses, cattle and yaks, and flocks of sheep.

The skilful way the Mongolians herd their beasts on horseback is amazing, and apart from provoking a touch of envy, it is an incentive as we learn to ride their small, docile horses.
Horseback riders of all kinds are welcome, from experts to first timers. Mongolia is one of the best places in the world to learn how to ride, in the shortest time and with the greatest pleasure and freedom. Mongolian horses need no maintenance and nomad breeders will always be on the staff, ready to assist us and take us into the immenseness of the surroundings to learn the magnificent hospitality of their people, inviting us to drink fermented and distilled mare’s milk, and to eat their excellent milk products.

During the seven-day trek the presence of the 4x4 minibuses is almost a hundred percent, and will allow those who need to rest a bit longer than the periods already planned, to leave the horse caravan and meet up with it at the next stop.

The camps will be set up with the help of the staff, and yaks will only substitute the minibuses in the Naiman Nuur lakes region camp.

The first two days will take us to the valley of the Orkhon passing through the region of Khogno Khan, Karakorum, and the last two will bring us back to the capital, Ulaanbaatar, where we will spend the last day visiting the monastery of Gandan and the museum.

  • Duration: 15 days
  • Minimum number of participants: 7

  • MONGOLIA La cavalcata dell'Orkhon

    MONGOLIA La cavalcata dell'Orkhon

Practical information

  • Nearly 1,000 km with minibuses
  • 7 days on horseback riding for 5-6 hours a day
  • The staff comprises an Italian guide, Mongolian drivers, horsemen and cooks
  • Three nights in gers (permanent equipped camps), two in hotels at Ulaanbaatar and eight in tents together with a large dining tent with a table and chairs
  • Moderate hot climate by day with a considerable drop in temperatures at night


From Departure Return Price
Milan> July 2019   from € 3.490
  • Visa: € 100
  • Single room supplement: € 130
  • Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage: € 80
  • Optional insurance "Globy Giallo" for possible cancellation
The price is inclusive of airport taxes which come to € 300

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