KYRGYZSTAN: The desert of the eagles

A magical place with shades of Shangri-la or The Lost World. Maybe those masters of prose who wrote such masterpieces had visited or heard of this legendary mountain kingdom. Unlike its Himalayan or South American counterparts of literary fame, Kyrgyzstan - or The Kyrgyz Republic to give it its official title - is real, but its beauty and untamed wildness are the stuff of oral legends. It is said that everything in life can be found in Kyrgyzstan both physically and geographically. There are flat steppes, arid deserts, green, rolling foothills, plunging ravines with turbulent, frothing rivers, waterfalls cascading from the sides of sheer mountain faces, wondrous nut and fir forests full of some of the most beautiful - and endangered - species in the world, endless grass-covered high mountain pastures, alpine meadows that make Switzerland's meadows look like small well-tended parks and staggeringly beautiful snow-covered mountain peaks sitting atop some of the most difficult - and rewarding - climbs in the mountaineering world. This is a land where vultures and eagles soar. Seeing is believing and the only way you can ever experience the true delights of this small, secluded mountainous country - by Asian standards - is to visit it. Words alone cannot do justice to the variety of sights and sounds - and truly awesome silences - that await you.

  • Duration: 15 days
  • Minimum number of participants: 8

Practical informations

  • Trekking and minivan 4X4
  • Nights: hotel and yurta
  • tour leader Spazi d'Avventura


From Departure Return Price
5 August 2020 18 August 2020 € 2.785


  • International flight. Average cost: € 700
  • Single room supplement: 6 nights € 215
  • Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage: € 80
  • Optional insurance "Globy Giallo" for possible cancellation

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