CHAD - The gouffre of Koboué

A magnificent and unprecedented camel ride, exploring one of the last Saharan mysteries: we are the only ones to have covered the entire Gouffre and we propose to do it again together. The itinerary starts at the Archei gueltas and day by day continues in a wonderfully varied environment with the aim of reaching "the abyss of Koboué" a sacred and feared place by the Toubou nomads.

Prof. H. Gillet was the first European in 1957 to reach the heart of this region, he wrote: "...after stopping the camels..., we continued on foot following the course of a tortuous wadi carved in the rocks in a succession of deep potholes between large blocks of sandstone shaped by water... Then, suddenly, the bed of the stream was interrupted. It was an abyss. One of the most amazing spectacles that nature had to offer was before our very eyes, arousing admiration and fear at the same time. The torrent threw itself into an impressive circus whose depth appeared to be approximately 250 meters and its diameter was roughly 500 meters. At the bottom of the ravine, the gueltas’ mirrored reflection could be seen... ". The wadi of Aroué, the Maya gueltas, the Tassili of Erdébéchi, and numerous sites of unusual rock archeology, crown this spectacular journey on foot.



Practical information

  • 4x4 vehicles
  • internal flights
  • trekking with dromedaries
  • 1 night in hotel, others in tent
  • Spazi d’Avventura guide


From Departure Return Price
Air France
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  • Visa: € 180
  • Single room supplement:
  • Paperwork administration + Medical insurance and baggage:€ 80
  • Optional insurance "globy giallo" for possible cancellation

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