CHAD - Zakouma and Ennedi

A journey that brings together two great points of interest in Chad: the desert and animal life, the latter being ignored for far too long, on a path that therefore enhances various attractions. The Zakouma Park, has undergone a spectacular recovery of its wildlife; a parkland that can be defined as being truly "untamed." In the austere but comfortable Tinga Lodge, which is perfectly surrounded by nature, we’ll be having a two-day immersion in nature: elephants, buffaloes, lions and even leopards will make our outings electrifying. We’ll be accompanied by park rangers, both by car and on foot.

We'll leave the park and head north to the huge oued Archeï. We will then carry on to explore the majestic monolithic reliefs of Deli with its hidden springs, the intricate mazes of TerKei, the massive Tokou peaks amongst natural arches of all sizes. A stop at the Archeïguelta will offer unforgettable scenes of nomadic life in a biblical atmosphere, and the exceptional possibility of spotting the last vestiges of the Sahara crocodiles, real living fossils. The incalculable amount of rock art, especially paintings, that we will see during our walks will be of outstanding interest, to say the least.



Practical information

  • 4x4 vehicles
  • walks and safari
  • nights in hotel, lodge and tents
  • Spazi d'Avventura guide


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Air France
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