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The magnificent and challenging collaboration with an increasingly strong synergy between Spaces of Adventure and SCF (Sahara Conservation Fund), the organization of John Newby, a scholar among the greatest connoisseurs of Sahelo-Saharan ecosystems, is going on.

Our contribution is expressed in the logistics organization and in the technical assistance of all these missions, as well as in providing all kinds of information (sightings, traces, discovery of remains, human presence and farm animals) that we find during our Saharan peripls, very important details to know the new life habits of this animal.

The last missions carried out in the mountain massif of the Termit and in the dune region of the Tin Toumma have been really encouraging: we have once again seen running the Addaxes in the dunes that crash on the massif. Based on these sightings and other important "signs" of the presence of the antelope "recorded" during the missions, the SCF team was able to estimate the presence of a population of about 200 animals; this datum, considering that the total population of the antelope on the whole Saharan area is about 300 specimens, makes the Termit massif the last true sanctuary of the Addax.
Almost ten years have passed since we created SAVE ADDAX, years of constant commitment: today the first concrete results give great satisfaction and confidence in the possibility of being able to keep alive unique ecosystems in the world. A commitment that takes its cue from the concept of a truly responsible, sustainable and environmentally sustainable tourism, which can provide, according to the major experts, a real contribution to the success of this noble mission. We need your help, to realize the dream of seeing again during the travels, the Addax running in the dunes, a really great emotion. The road is still long and uphill but the first step has been taken.

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