Salvadora Persica

Salvadora persica is a species from the Salvadora plant family and is a small tree or shrub with a crooked trunk that rarely exceeds 30 cm in diameter. Its bark is scabrous and cracked, light grey in colour with pendulous extremities.

Salvadora persica1The root bark of the tree is a sandy colour, and the inner surfaces are an even lighter shade of brown. It has a pleasant fragrance, as well as a warm and pungent taste. It loses its leaves from the end of December.
A natural toothbrush (miswak) is picked from the stems of the Salvadora persica: in the Arab world has been used for centuries in the form of a stick.
Scientific research has revealed that this plant has several beneficial properties, in particular it is an effective antiseptic, cleanser and astringent. So it makes an excellent natural toothbrush that requires no toothpaste.
Its small dark red seed pods, sweet and rich in vitamins, are highly prized.

From "SAHARA" - Rocco Ravà - Ed. CLUP

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