Ennedi Tales on Stone


"Ennedi, Tales on stone. Rock art in the Ennedi massif".

In the last decades, in the north of Chad, scholars and passionate travelers have highlighted a surprisingly wide variety of rock art themes and styles. In the Ennedi region, there are relatively recent painted scenes showing everyday life, but there are also older human figures and rare events, such as a leopard hunt. However, galloping horses and camels, painted in original styles, are the real characteristic themes of this area.

It is interesting to note that the DStretch® plugin for ImageJ ©, the image processing software, has recently discovered that in some cases visible paints overlap with older, half-erased images, with very different styles and barely noticeable to the naked eye. In some cases, the archaic style paintings are revealed by DStretch® in places on the rock where they are very damaged. Farther east on the Ennedi plateau, in Niola Doa, groups of finely engraved characters stand out as a magnificent example of Saharan art. In this book, the focus is mainly on the most significant images, which merge into the spectacular reliefs of the region. We can only imagine what an extraordinary vision the landscape aspect of Ennedi had to give when the artists decorated the rocky surfaces with pictograms and petroglyphs.

Roberta Simonis, Adriana Ravenna, Pier Paolo Rossi ed. All'Insegna del Giglio

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