A honeymoon is the customized trip par excellence. We have already tried our hand numerous times at this type of adventure and, each time, we have worked with great passion to organize something unique that met the individual needs and preferences of the couple: the search for a destination, the form the trip should take. The rhythm is designed to fulfill the dreams of just two people and this makes it a very meaningful task to work together on the details of that which will be in the future a wonderful memory.

The destinations we have tried and tested nearly all offer a wide range of possible choices that intentionally diversify the trip: Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Egypt… they can all become both luxury and basic destinations.

Personal preferences can be a great way to characterize a trip: the isolation of the Siwa Adrère Amellal Ecolodge in Egypt; the basic tent camps in the Tanzanian bush; the warm and welcoming lodges in Botswana, where the comforts are deliberately designed to safeguard the surrounding nature and, indeed, allow you to be in direct contact with the wildlife; the picturesque views of the variable landscape in Namibia, where you find deserts, oceans and ethnological contradictions, the modern and the ancient; or in South Africa, Kruger National Park and the Blyde River Canyone, where you can take on the challenge of exciting rafting experiences.

We can offer you a selection of destinations to suit very different tastes.

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