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New lands to tour, new lands to explore so as to realise that the mosaic made up of the many tales, the many lives and the many men that one encounters along the trail, all make up one gigantic picture, the framework for one fundamental principle.
That crucial spirit that teaches us “the measure of things” and which can be sensed in every corner of these lands, where the cultures of the world intertwine in different ways but with identical implications, and where gestures and values are the same for all men.
Nature as a source of physical and spiritual well-being, and curiosity as the basis of any adventure within or without one’s self, are at the heart of a limited number of tours tried out very successfully and perfectly organised, which are inspired naturally by our passion for “learning while travelling”.

GREENLAND - In a crystalline world

From Kulusuk Island airport where we arrive in Greenland, we will take the boat to Tasiilaq (1,600 ca. inhabitants) the capital of the east coast. We will travel along the coast among thousands of icebergs and ice floes, where whales are often seen.

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GREENLAND - With sleigh dogs in the Arctic

"Give me snow, give me dogs and keep the rest" said polar explorer Knud Rasmussen, and it is with this spirit that we propose a very "customizable" trip to discover Greenland in the winter, with the most traditional means of transport: the dog sled.

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GREENLAND - The Great Rasmussen Crossing

This is a special and challenging tour that requires considerable adaptive capacity. It will open up for us the white Arctic universe in its best season: the Northern Lights and a land where every usual boundary, between the sea and the land, between day and night, between the ice and the sky, no longer exists.

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MONGOLIA - Gobi Desert caravan

As well as the imperial site of Karakhorum, the capital Ulaanbaatar, its museums and the Gandan monastery, this tour covers the Middle Gobi Desert, the South Gobi, Ovorkhangai and Arkhangai. From the capital we move south towards the imposing granite walls of Mt Kharyrkhan which indicate the direction we must take to reach one of the wildest and most interesting regions of this immense country: the Gobi Desert.

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